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March 9,2015

Currently users are actively advised to check and update information needed for password recovery in the account settings. This announcement is made via reminder messages, e-mails and notifications in the mail.

The purpose of this activity is to draw attention of users to availability of quick and easy methods of password recovery, which have been existing for a long time but their usage still remains quite low. The main reason is lack of necessary information in users’ profiles.

Because of this lack of information about mobile phone and alternative e-mail in the account profile most of users can use only one method of password recovery – answer to a secret question. But users often forget not only the answer to this question but its correct spelling as well. One orthographic mistake – and password recovery fails. To restore access to in this case is possible only with the help of technical support service where the user will be asked additional questions for his or her idendification as the mailbox owner. So the password recovery procedure, including correspondence and data checking, might take some time during which your work with mail will be suspended. team recommends its users to spend only a couple of minutes and to check and, if necessary, to update and complete all data in the «Password recovery» tab of their account profiles. Correct and confirmed information will make the process of password recovery quick and easy.

P.S. Additional information about methods of recovery by means of alternative e-mailbox and mobile phone.

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