Protect your account by using 2-step verification!

August 4,2016

     The majority of our portal users in their e-mail boxes receive different messages which contains confidential information, for example – electronic bills in which are available data about your place of residence, mobile phone and other important things. In nowadays, so-called hackers breaks into individual mailboxes and whole e-mail networks. After entering the system, they stole confidential data or distribute spam from your profile. We work hard to protect our users’ profiles.

    At the moment, we use the following security measures:

• Our users can enter a password with a minimum length of 6 characters
• We have a dictionary with words or regularly used passwords which we do not allow to choose
• For safety reasons, we occasionally remind our users to restore password
• When the wrong password is entered four times, we require to recognize and write the text
• To reset the password, user has to answer to his secret question
• There are IP address restrictions
• We operate in HTTPS data encryption mode
• Recently we have also introduced a feature that warns users for sending their passwords to other persons. Read about it here
• If someone tries to change your password, we have operation limits
• Inbox use secure protocols for all of the e-mail programms, who support encryption
• Inbox does not allow its users to open unsafe links received in the Inbox user’s e-mail messages

We are interested in taking care of your data security, so now we have created another very effective way that will help to secure your account – it’s 2-step verification.

What is that?

2-step verification is an extra layer of security to your account, protecting you from your data stealing. It can be implemented using mobile application for code generation application installed on your phone and set exactly for your account

How does it works?

In its essence this is the entrance to your account in two stages: the first one is your login and password entering, and the second – need to enter six digit code, generated by the application set up in your mobile phone specially for your account.

How to enable?

To enable 2-step verification, you need to:

1) Install a code generator application to your mobile phone
2) Set up code generation exactly for your account

More information read here


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