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March 17,2017

     In early February of this year, portal surprised its users with a new, modern and bright design of the first page which offers you an extensive and diverse collection of news, new product menu, changes in authentication process and responsive design that automatically adjusts to the screen size of mobile device.

   One month had passed since have new first page, but during this month we made various technical improvements and changes. Firstly, the first page has been optimized – now on computers, tablet computers and mobile devices site works much faster than before. Secondly, we expanded the sources of news. If you previously had access to news only from the site Diena and KasJauns then now on the first page of the latvian interface you can read news also from,,,, and In the Russian interface we added news from, and

    Thirdly, after listening to your feedback and suggestions, we changed some components, icons and texts and also we changed things that was inconvenient and incomprehensible for users. It should be noted that for mobile device browsers that do not support flash we offer new games – available at  We are glad to have you with us in this important time of change and we are hoping that our improvements will lead to your somewhat easier and more convenient daily life.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to the email address Thank you!

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