New Domain Email Version!

August 8,2019

We are pleased to inform you that the launch of a new INBOX.EU version is planned in mid-August 2019. We have made every effort to make our product even better, more convenient to use, and – most importantly – to turn it into the most reliable and most appropriate email solution for your business and personal use!

The main feature of the new version is – separate access for logging into an email account and for domain email administration. This means that:

• if you need to log in to your email account (for example,, – you will need to use the “Sign in to your inbox” access. In the system, this access is also called Personal Inbox.
• if you need to go to the domain email administration section, you will need to use the “Sign in to admin zone” access. In the system, this access is also called Business Inbox. new first page! new login pages!

Please note that the data necessary for logging into the email account ARE NOT CHANGED, everything remains as it was before!

Furthermore, the new INBOX.EU version offers the following for all users:
• a new, modern and more convenient email design;
• email security has been improved, email functioning via POP3/IMAP has been improved as well;
• additional data security methods to protect your data
• updates in the Calendar section and in the Contacts section
• as well as a lot of other interesting features, including a completely updated design for administering and creating domain email accounts/users. new design for administrators!

If you have any questions, wishes or problems after the launch of the new version, please write to us at or use the Chat facility to message our technical support team.

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