Count of recent messages in folders

October 8,2014

Latest update for Inbox Mail, brings You not only the usual unread e-mail number next to the folder, but also a new number with a plus sign in the brackets. What is the difference between these numbers? Let’s try to understand.

  • The first number next to the name of the folder – the number of unread messages.
  • The second number listed in parentheses with the “+” sign – the number of recent messages that came in from the last check of that folder.

An example:

Mailbox has a folder “Accounts”, where all new messages from the user “” are moved with the help of a filter. As soon as a new letter is received – the user will see the mark “2 (+1)” next to this folder, where “2″ – the number of unread messages in the folder, and “(+1)” – the number of recent e-mails.

While checking the folder, it’s not always necessary to open a new e-mail, sometimes we only want to see the information about the sender or just to make sure that the letter was received.

Therefore, if You do not open unread message, its status will not change. After the transition to a different folder – information about recent letters (“(+1)”) for the folder “Accounts” will disappear. The next time a new mail will be delivered to this folder, the counter next to the folder name will display “3 (+1)” – this folder now contains three unread letters, but only one of them is recent (not viewed by the user).

Additionally, mail settings’ tab “Interface Options” has a new item – «Show folders with recent message in main menu». Once the box is checked, the folder containing the recent messages will always be placed at the top of the folder list, right below the “Inbox”. By default, this feature is disabled.

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