New folders «Lists» and «Social» in mail

October 8,2014

It is no secret that the amount of e-mails regarding advertising and social networks increases every day. For many users, such e-mails considerably complicate the daily work with the mail.

Taking into account that the majority of users do not use the automatic filtering of incoming mail, and all letters go straight to the “Inbox” folder, portal made changes to the Inbox Mail system – now all incoming messages are automatically distributed to the three specified folders :

  • Inbox – this folder contains all letters from the real contacts (friends, acquaintances, business partners, etc.), as well as letters that do not fall into other folders.
  • Lists – marketing and advertising messages from different entrepreneurs, brands and online stores, as well as messages of various automatic mailings.
  • Social – messages of social networking sites, forums and discussion groups, online dating sites and gaming portals, where user is registered.

Filtering for a particular folder is performed automatically. As before, You can create Your own folders and customize Your own filters. User’s filters have the highest priority at the moment of incoming mail filtering.

Disabling the automatic filtering of incoming mail into folders “Lists” and “Social” is very simple – You need to go to the mail settings, choose the “Interface Options” section and check the “Disable auto filters for messages to the Social and List folders” field. If You disable the filter, all incoming messages, regardless of their content, will be placed in the “Inbox” folder.

New folder “Lists” and “Social” are standard folders, they are created automatically for each mailbox without the possibility of deleting and renaming.

We hope that as a result of these changes it will be a little easier to understand the flow of the letters, and work with e-mail will be easier and more pleasant. In the case of shortcomings of the automatic filtering system, please report to

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