Changes in the Trash folder

October 8,2014

Several technical improvements were performed for the Trash folder. Following changes were made:

  • Deleted e-mails’ recovery is now possible only via Inbox folder

    Earlier deleted message was placed back to the folder where it was before deletion, now the letter will be placed to the Inbox folder and sorted by received date.

  • Strike-through removed for the deleted messages

    Deleted messages won’t be displayed as strike-through. The only sign of deletion will be an icon placed next to the e-mail’s subject, when user opens the e-mail.

  • E-mails keep their status after deletion

    Deleted e-mail won’t be marked as read in the Trash folder — its status read/unread will be saved even after recovery.

  • Advanced search in the Trash folder

    Advanced search is now available for every folder in the mailbox, including the Trash folder.

  • Sorting for deleted e-mails

    E-mails in the Trash folder won’t be grouped by folders from which they were deleted. All messages are displayed as a single list, sorted by received date by default. If necessary, sorting can be modified, same as in other folders.

  • IMAP Using default Trash folder with IMAP

    Earlier, in the case of e-mail client to work on IMAP, deleted emails were always displayed a strike-through and located in the folders where they have been removed, but now, default «Trash» folder should be used for work with deleted e-mails.


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