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March 4,2024

Since 2020, the company Inbox.lv has been offering a professional service for advertisements publication in various categories – PP.lv.

PP.lv portal, or as it is often called “Pērc un Pārdod” (Buy and Sell), is a convenient online space where you can place your advertisements for free. The service offers a wide selection of categories, allowing every user to find the perfect place to publish their offers.

Real estate: here you can place advertisements for the sale or rental of residential and commercial real estate, land plots, and houses. If you own a garage, a mobile home, or wish to sell forest land, your advertisement will also be included in this category. For easier navigation in finding the desired property, we recommend using the navigation map.

Baths Flats Modul home

Transport and machinery: the sale or rental of cars, motorcycles, tractors, watercraft, and even aircraft, as well as the search for parts, tires, wheels, accessories for any type of transportation, including freight transport and delivery services, are all available in this category.

Clothes and shoes: a category where you can place advertisements for the sale of clothing or shoes, as well as purchase new models, workwear or exclusive collections and accessories for special occasions.

For children: a wide range of products for babies and children of different ages: toys, strollers, children’s swings and trampolines, car seats, goods for school, children’s clothing and shoes, furniture for the nursery, as well as clubs, sections and offers for summer camps.

Toys Strollers For school

Construction: a place where you can find everything you need for successful construction work. Here you can freely post ads for the sale of both new and leftover construction materials, rental of tools and specialized equipment, as well as services for repair, finishing, and interior design.

Animals: category for advertisements for the sale and purchase of pets, as well as pet care services. Dogs, cats, kittens, parrots, fish and exotic animals, as well as services of veterinarians and groomers. Please note that here you can find advertisements for finding a new home for homeless animals.

Cats and kittens Exotic animals Puppies and dogs

PP.lv also offers categories “for home“, “for garden“, “products for adults 18+” and category “electrical engineering“, where you can purchase phones, computers, household appliances and repair services.

And, of course, the category “Give and exchange“, where you can post a free ad for any product that you no longer need, but may be useful to other people.

Post your ads to PP.lv and share everyone about your offers!

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