LLC “Inbokss” provides email services for LLC “Baltcom” clients.

July 2,2024

In May 2024, LLC “Baltcom” and LLC “Inbokss” signed an agreement according to which LLC “Inbokss” will provide email services for LLC “Baltcom” clients on the platform. The email platform of LLC “Inbokss” is the largest in the Baltic states and serves more than 3 million accounts.

This agreement means that starting from 26.06.2024:
• The email addresses of LLC “Baltcom” clients will remain unchanged and will continue to function as before.
• All user mailbox content has been migrated to the LLC “Inbokss” platform.
• The password for the mailbox will remain unchanged after the transition to

What will change?
• LLC “Baltcom” clients will be able to use the email service on the website, the mobile app, or email programs using POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols.
• To access your email, you must enter your full “Baltcom” email address, including the part after @ (e.g.,, and your current password in the username field.

If you were using an email program to manage your email (Outlook, The Bat!, Thunderbird, Apple Mail и другие), please update the settings to the correct ones:

IMAP (incoming mail server):
• Encryption: Must be turned on SSL
• Port IMAP: 993

SMTP (outgoing mail server):
• Encryption: Must be turned on TLS or SSL
• Port SMTP: 587 (in case if you use TLS)
• Port SMTP: 465 (in case if you use SSL)

Attention! You need to use a special password to work with the email program. Your initial password, which you use to log in to your email via the web page, will not work in the email program. You can obtain the special password in your mailbox settings. Detailed information on how to do this can be found here

New features in your email with
• Modern and user-friendly interface
• Functional mobile version of email for Android and iOS phones
• Mailbox size up to 100 GB
• Increased daily sending limits
• IMAP/POP3/SMTPS availability
• Sync and store your contacts
• Use more than 10 linked accounts simultaneously
• Large storage for your documents and much more

Security with
• 2-factor authentication
• Secure passwords for POP3/IMAP/SMTP
• Mailbox backup
• All user data is stored and processed in Latvia according to GDPR requirements

Technical support service for your email by phone +371 67359627 or

PS. is an email service with your domain name, which is an irreplaceable assistant for companies, as well as individuals in their communications, idea implementation, and development. We offer only the most requested and necessary features, avoiding excessive settings, and continuously improve our service to ensure it remains reliable and high-quality for all of our users.

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