Labels in Email for Convenient Organization and Quick Message Retrieval!

July 2,2024

We are pleased to announce a new feature in our email service — Labels. With labels, you can mark your special emails to quickly find them in your inbox. Labels allow you to efficiently organize your correspondence by highlighting important messages and simplifying their retrieval.

How to use Labels?
• Create labels according to your preferences, such as “Work”, “Personal”, “Bills”, “Studies”, “School”, “To Check”, etc.
• There is a limit to label names, choose short words.
• Tag emails with one or more labels in any folder.
• View emails sorted by labels.
• Use filters to automatically assign labels to emails from specific senders or with particular subjects.

Advantages of Labels:
• Convenient organization – quickly tag and highlight important emails for easy access.
• Search by labels – easily find emails marked with a specific label, regardless of the folder they are in.
• Automatic label assignment – create filters that automatically assign labels to emails from specific senders or subjects.
• Increased productivity – save time searching for needed emails by focusing on important messages.

The “Labels” feature is available to all users. By default, you can use 3 labels, but if you need to organize your mail more thoroughly, upgrade to Mail+ where 10 labels are available.

Setup and Usage:
You can set up and modify labels in the email settings, under the “Labels” section, or directly below your folder list on the left side. Labels are displayed in both the web version of the email and in mobile apps for Android and iOS, providing you access to organized correspondence anytime, anywhere.

Try using labels to streamline and expedite your email management!

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