Inbox — most visited portal in Latvia among Russian-speaking users

February 13,2013

“The fact that Inbox is the most visited portal in Latvia is well known to everybody. Many have also heard of our annual achievements in “Top favorite brands.” At the same time we can be proud that we are the number one in the part of the Latvian audience, whose native language is Russian”- remarks with satisfaction Polina Nazarova, Head of Marketing at Inbox.

According to Gemius data, over 737,000 users use Inbox on a daily basis, 220,000 of them are Russian-speaking. Among Latvian portals with Russian-speaking audience, the closest to the number of users after Inbox is A serious competitor is also (Russia) – the portal is very popular among Russians in Latvia. Another favored social network in Latvia is

“While the previously existing misconception was that Inbox is intended only for Latvian-speaking users, it’s actually a very bilingual product. All information is always provided in Latvian and Russian, and very often even in English. Half of the team is Latvian, so our Inbox family can be considered bilingual. I can safely say that Inbox is a model of integration. That is the key to our success not only among Latvian, but also for the Russian audience “- reveals nuances Polina Nazarova.

Inbox is very proud of these achievements. We’ve created a great product and found a way to convince the people who speak different languages. Users have appreciated easy and intuitive web interface in three languages, and the reliability and continuity of the Inbox e-services.

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