“Inbox” helps to determine the year’s best music video

February 13,2013

Annual Music Records Award organizers have chosen “Inbox” as a partner to determine the 2012th best music video chosen by people. The people voice winner will receive the “Inbox” Special Price – a 10 000 LVL worth of advertisement space.

36 videos have been submitted for the vote. Any “Inbox” user can vote for them, besides it is possible to vote for several videos at once. The video, which will collect the most “yes” (“like”), will be the victor.

Internet voting will continue up to February 20. The winner will be announced and honored at the Annual Music Records Award on evening of 26th February.

The people voice winner will be awarded with 10 000 LVL worth of “Inbox” ad space. “At a time when in the music and entertainment industry online advertising is so significant, we believe that such a “tangible” award is a very valuable asset to any Latvian musician. It’s a great opportunity to advertise musicians scheduled concerts, events and the latest records. In addition, “Inbox’s” audience is very suitable for advertising music related products and services”, believes “Inbox” sales manager Andis Kulinskis.

This vote is a great encouragement for “Inbox” users to explore even more the features of “Inbox Foto”, including photo and video galleries, which are easy to recharge, download, comment and evaluate.

Latvian Annual Music Records Award is organized by the Latvian Music Producers Alliance LaMPA. This year’s awards ceremony will take place the 17th time. Over the years this event has become one of the most prestigious music events in Latvia, it is a local equivalent of the Grammy Awards and music authors, publishers, performers and listeners are looking forward to it.

To watch the submitted videos and vote for them You can here.

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