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October 23,2015

Many services already have been working in protected encrypted https mode. Transition is carried out gradually and it is practically unnoticeable for users. Exception in this process is the main page of portal, changes for which are planned in the nearest future.

Switching portal to HTTPS mode can cause inconveniences to users who got accustomed to use information saved in the browser (password and user name) when they go through authorization process while entering their mailboxes. If when entering your mailbox you use automatic authorization with saved password then we recommend to pay your attention to the information below.

What will happen to my saved mail password after these changes?

After switching to https nothing will happen to your password. Password will be the same and you don’t have to change it. The only difference will be that authorization information on the encrypted and common versions of the page should be saved separately, for each page respectively.

When you open portal for the first time after the switching you will go to encrypted https:// page where browser will not be able to offer you anything out of its «memory». On the first mailbox authorization it is necessary to enter and save password and user name in the browser.

What should I do if I don’t remember my password?

If you don’t remember you password saved by browser – don’t worry! You can recall this information any moment. All info about saved mailbox passwords are saved in the browser’s settings. The main thing you have to remember – don’t delete this browser on your computer until you get the password and we also don’t recommend to clear cookies.

For searching information about passwords saved in the browser you can use step-by-step instructions given in the Help section.

Please make sure that you know your proper password and re-check information for its restoration!

Notwithstanding all instructions we recommend to do the following, right now:

  • Try to open your mailbox with authorization using any other browser where the password has not been saved previously.
  • If you have any doubts, after you have performed successful login, change your old password to the new one which you will not forget for sure in the nearest months.
  • Re-check and, if necessary, add new information that will be needed for your password restoration. It will help you to restore access to your mailbox at any time – quickly, easily and, what is the most important, independently.

How can I see that I am using an encrypted safe version of the product?

When you open page you can see green lock in the address bar of the browser, to the left of the typed web address.

Clicking on the icon you can quickly learn the follwing: whether connection with this website is encrypted; whether this website is safe for visiting; who is the owner of this site; who has checked safety of the site.

Why is encryption necessary?

The goal of these changes is to increase security level of our users’ data.

Only with the encrypted protocol HTTPS it is possible to use three main protection levels for visiting websites:

  1. Encryption of transmitted data that enables to avoid their interception.
  2. Data preservation. Any change or distortion of transmitted data will be stored regardless of whether it was intentional or not.
  3. Authentification guarantees that visitors will open the very website they need and protects against wiretap attacks.

Never reveal your password to third parties!

If you have received a letter with request to reveal your personal data for mailbox access or other resources of portal (password, user name, date of birth or answer to secret question) – don’t answer this letter, by no means!

Whatever messages these letters may have, never answer any letter with similar content.

Remember! portal never asks its users to give password information!

If you have any questions or in case of technical problems please contact . technical customer support service.

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