Going on vacation? Use advanced autoresponder!

July 7,2016

When you are on vacation, you still receive incoming messages on your e-mail box, but most often you answer to them only after the end of vacation. Often, the message senders do not know that you are not reachable and continue to await a response from you.

In such situations you can use your mailbox autoresponder. Recently we did the autoresponder functionality improvement and now autoresponder is even easier to use!

If you want to activate the autoresponder, enter Settings of your e-mail box, click on the “Vacation & Autoreply” and “Create”. Then you have to fill all the necessary windows (Subject, the beginning, the end, and the number of days between auto replies per sender).

For each person who has sent you a message in this period of time, come one answer from your autoresponder. If someone who already received email about your vacation text you again, This destination again will receive an email from the autoresponder.

To save all the changes, it is important to press the button “Save”, otherwise, the changes will not be taken into account. After a successful activation, you can always make the necessary changes – you just need to click on the “Edit” button.

Autoresponder activate at 00:00 o’clock, on the first day and automatically switches off at the 23:59 o’clock in last day. When autoresponder is set, on the main page of user profile displays informational report.

This report does not allow you to forget about activated autoresponder and possibility to disable or edit it, if necessary.

You can delete an autoresponder by pressing the button “Delete” in the section “Vacation & answering machine.”

Do not forget that this functionality can also be used as additional advertising tool for your Your services or product link. More details read here


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