E-mail notifications on your desktop!

November 10,2016

     If you are an active Inbox e-mail user, if you frequently receive important letters and that’s why you check your mailbox every few minutes – we are pleased to announce you that now you and all other inbox e-mail users have access to a new feature which in future will allow you to simultaneously operate on the Internet and at the same time without re-entering your inbox receive notifications of incoming e-mails.

    Inbox email server is able to provide quick message dispatch, regardless of the letter recipient’s location – whether the recipient of a message is next to you, or in a completely different part of the world, but despite this fast data transmission, still, to receive a reply message to your letter many have to wait several hours or even days. That is the reason why we offer to use desktop notifications. Why? Because it is a convenient way to speed up communication time! When your mailbox receives a new message, on your computer’s desktop will appear a small notification window on the left side of the screen and thus you will always be informed about your mailbox content!

How to turn on and turn off Desktop notifications, read here!

It should be noted that this function is active through all the most popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., using its latest versions.


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