to your Inbox mail via Facebook or Twitter accounts!

November 22,2016

   Nowadays more and more people tends to sign-in different internet portals using existing information from a social networking service such as Facebook and Twitter. The use of a single account across multiple sites provides an opportunity not only to avoid unnecessary registration, but also significantly speed up the authorization process.

     In view of the fact that users actively use social sites, our team has created another authorization and registration method which can be implemented using or accounts.

      If you want to create a new mailbox, you must choose which social portal will be used for registration. If you are already registered in and in future want to use facebook or twitter accounts, then came into section “Profile” – “Alternative username” and specify what account you want to use for further authorization in your inbox. Keep in mind that previous e-mail access (with username and password) will still be available.

This means that everyone who will add alternative username to his inbox account, will be able to use one of two types of authentication:

  • log-in using username and password (standard method)
  • log-in via or (alternative username method).

Detailed information about alternative e-mail read here.

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