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November 21,2016

“Safety first,” said and created 4 new security notifications that will provide additional protection against e-mail threats on-line!

   Nowadays, email is one of those places where everyone tends to keep a variety of personal and professional information and this is the reason why created 4 new security notifications which will receive all of our e-mail server users.

     The main goal of these notifications is to inform you about variety unusual or suspicious activities in your mailbox. Everyone need to remember that third-person access to your mailbox may result not only in some complications, but also in financial losses!

    To help you keep track of your account security, Inbox will send an e-mail message each time when:

  • You or someone else would like to reset password to user account;
  • System will detect an unusual sign-in activity;
  • When you set up two-step verification;
  • When you remove two-step verification;

If, after receiving such notice, you have the feeling that someone may have access to your mailbox, then for security reasons we recommend you take the following actions:

Important! All notifications are turned on by default, but if you don’t want to receive them – this feature can be disabled. How to disable notifications, read here.

Keep your mailbox safe – never leave it open unsupervised!

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