Mail – smileys in the subject of the message!

February 28,2018 mail has started smiling! This is how you can briefly describe the main innovation of the new recent mail update. Now in the subject of the message, if the code of the smiley has been correctly written, the smiley will become visual. These changes will be visible regardless of which folder you are viewing.

      It is not possible to turn off this functionality. The appearance and design of smileys may differ slightly depending on the operating system used. You don’t have to choose the colourful smileys from a list for them to appear in the subject of the message. It is enough to correctly write the combination of symbols ( :) , ;) , :P , :o ) and the smileys automatically appear in your subject.

      We should also note one more little improvement, which was developed at the request of our users – the display of the number of new or unread messages in the title of the page. The improvement made was indeed small, but it can help users track new messages faster. Now, whenever you receive a new message, a text, for example, “1 new message”, will appear in the title of the page. And if there are unread messages in the folder “Inbox”, a text for example, “3 unread messages”, will appear in the title of the page.

      We will be glad to hear your reviews of our work, write to us and tell us about what else you would like to see changed, fixed or added to the mail, so everything becomes even better, more convenient and colourful!

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