Set an avatar picture for your user account!

enero 13,2017

     Have you already noticed changes in your Inbox user profile? If your answer is no, then we want to announce that from now each mailbox owner has the option to add an avatar image to user account!

     Avatar – it is a small web-based user picture, displayed in account profile section with the aim to personalize the user. Avatar (picture) helps users to represent themselves, create a first impression and of course the image significantly contribute to the reliability of particular account and its owner. It should be noted that this new feature – avatar picture is especially useful for corporate mailboxes – it can promote brand awareness.

     How to add the profile picture/avatar?

To add a profile picture, log into your mailbox, go to section User Profile -> Personal data and click the “Edit” button. Next to “name and surname” on the right side will be located icon (place where you can upload a profile picture). Add image and save your changes by clicking on the “Save” button.

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